Success Stories

An update – June 2015: I have joined the team at Whitestone foundation to bring my work to more organizations in a better streamlined fashion. Take a look at their mission on their website. You can still contact me to inquire how we work.

Free Clinic Vision, Mission and SMART Goals – Oct 2015
3 day workshop with clinic leadership and execution team to help re-invent themselves. They created their vision and mission statement followed by SMART goals they could execute on and produce results for the clinic. Good job team!

Leadership Workshop – “Wear your Leadership” – Aug 2015
Workshop to raise awareness of participants’ leadership attributes so they can bring them into all areas of their lives. It was fascinating to see everyone realize their leadership potential and walk away empowered to impact more of their lives with strengths they already have.

Appreciative Inquiry – MIHRAAB – Aug 2015
It’s amazing how just an hour can invigorate and boost the morale of an organization when you inquire about their strengths! Mihraab’s leadership left this 1 hour workshop with a list of their strengths that they now use in their planning to consciously do more with their strengths.

ICNA Bay Area Chapter – April 2011
2 day workshop with core volunteers and organizers (about 35) to prioritize projects and create a process to accomplish ICNA mission.

MIHRAAB – September 2011
6 two-hour workshops over 2 months to prioritize projects and build consensus within the board.

Muslim Association of Puget Sound – April 2012
1 day workshop with board members creating a new plan for the near future.

MIHRAAB – January 2013
2 workshops to manage conflict within the board and infuse new energy into the group.

State IT dept. Leadership:
I got to use Peter Block’s Consulting Model to design and facilitate a 4-day workshop. The goal was to enable the team to create a shared vision and road map for navigating change and uncertainty. Amazing Aha! moments throughout ending with the team realizing they wanted to be a self-learning organization.

CAIR Seattle – June 2011
Ad Hoc consultation on team member challenges and ways to motivate volunteer base.

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