In 2011 I completed my Master’s in Organizational Leadership. At the end of those 2 years, I found the best work I do: helping groups do their best work! I have always been drawn to process, operational process and people process at any organization and on any team. While on the board at one of the largest Muslim organizations in at least the Northwest, I focus on helping the team have robust conMoazzamversations, bringing up issues that would otherwise be buried, manage conflict that would otherwise be avoided and result in missed opportunities, opportunities to learn more about how each one of us works best, and find out what our collaboration rules would be if we had an open discussion rather than a heated one.

When group members learn to work better with each other over time, they produce better results and do more with their time. While facilitating workshops on how an organization can accomplish their mission through sustainable processes and structures, I also focus on helping groups become a team so they can do their best work way after the workshop has concluded. I am also a partner in the latest work of Geoff Bellman and Kathleen Ryan on Extraordinay Groups Inventory and often use their concepts in my facilitation.

I currently reside in Redmond, WA (near Seattle) with my family. I have also lived in Dallas, TX for 10 years and studied at UT Austin before that.

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