ICNA Bay Area

 2 day workshop with core volunteers and organizers (about 35) to prioritize projects and create a process to accomplish ICNA mission.

After 4 consultation phone calls with the president and vice president of the chapter, I designed a workshop to walk 35 core volunteers and organizers through exercises that helped them connect with the mission of ICNA Bay area and prioritize the projects they were working on. Through group facilitation techniques, volunteers voiced their opinion on what they were seeing at the grass roots level and what the community was looking for the organization to do. The group, split into various smaller teams also designed a structure and process that would help them execute these projects while sustaining their resources.

At the conculsion of the workshop, all committees as well as the president and vice president had action items, milestones and accountability that they had to report back to the group within a month, 6 months and a year. In addition, there was new energy and excitement infused in the group to go out there and connect with the community and get the projects done.

For more details on this workshop, please email me.

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