Mihraab Foundation

President’s feedback from a 2 day workshop on conflict management with Mihraab leadership

1. What immediate impact did the workshops bring to Mihraab? How is Mihraab different after the workshops?

There is a huge difference.  Before was  built up frustrations, unresolved issues, and more recent issues that arose that were not communicated.  The workshop provided a HEALTHY platform to articulate feelings and an opportunity to work towards resolve in a non-hostile/tense atmosphere.  What came out was a clear conclusion to resolving the immediate issue, and a possible long-term solution towards resolving underlying issues that frequently lead to conflict. Also, i think there was a sense of relief by being able to vocalize what was felt in an honest and non-hurtful way.  I think it also brought awareness to everyone who may have not been at the center of the conflicts.

2. How has the workshop changed your engagement on Mihraab’s board?

I value the time and energy put into any endeavor <snip>.  I think I see the power of collaboration but also the effect that conflict of differing methods can really set an effort back.  I have seen the impact of Mihraab and these efforts, and want to make sure that the impact continues, and doesn’t get lost in overhead and eventually fail.

3. How do you feel about Mihraab’s future now?

A little uncertain, but that it is on the path to honesty and in a better position to address things by carving out core issues. Its in a better position now than before.  The core issues were mostly communicated and a resolve was worked towards that was ammiccable and not one-sided – but more mutual (unlike the past).  It was a better/healthier/safer platform for discussion. I think we still need clarity of direction, but i expect there to be a renewed energy level and motivation.

4. What were you hoping to accomplish in these workshops (that was the intention of these workshops) that was NOT accomplished?

I think it accomlished the utmost.  The road map can follow, but it allowed the utmost to surface in a natural, organic way…discussing seemed the same, non-hostile, honest without trying to be malicious or hurtful.  I was happy that a concrete solution – at least temporary was achieved…although it had permantent implications.

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